Hidalgo in german "Feinschmecker" (The Gourmet) Magazine

The gourmet (Der Feinschmecker Magazin) writes about us

In the November 2016 issue editor Uwe Studrucker immortalized us in the column “Unterwegs”, which means “on the way”. We are very happy that our concept of Beef Tasting with the original Kobe & Wagyū Beef from Japan and with Wagyū South Tyrol makes such an impression.

P.s. A comment/correction on our own behalf: we weren’t the first ones in Italy to import Kobe Beef, but at the moment we are the only Italian restaurant which is a member of the Kobe Association in Japan.

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Hidalgo: the super-beef-sample

Owner Otto Mattivi was the first to import the original Kobe Beef to Italy and dishes up the best of beef from the prefecture Hyogo for all the meat fans. The stylish framework is built of the open grill kitchen and the Japanese studio inside the restaurant, which can be accessed through a beautiful door made of rice paper and is accentuated by light-colored pine-wood.
Here is celebrated the so-called beef tasting, without sauces, but with some fine salts (if wanted) – nothing should distract from the characteristic aroma. The schooled service charmingly informs about provenience, breeding, marbling and preparation. The most exciting piece of the chosen sample of perfectly tempered, softly melting, nutty Kobe Beef and Ocean Beef from New Zealand with its discrete taste of salt meadow, was South Tyrolean Wagyū from the young breed of the Oberweidacher Hof at Renon, above Bolzano. The herb meadows help the Rib-Eye to get an aroma which doesn’t exist for the typical Wagyū from Japan.
But there’s also a less purist way to eat: very good Black Angus with a delicate, fruity whiskey sauce and caramelized onions. The wine cellar with more than 600 wines (including the best red wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Toscana) makes sure that each beef-enjoyment at Hidalgo is accompanied in an appropriate way.

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