The guide L’Espresso “I Ristoranti d’Italia 2017” values us with a “Cappello”

The guide L’Espresso “I Ristoranti d’Italia 2017” values us with a “Cappello”

With great pleasure and pride we announce that the restaurant guide “I Ristoranti d’Italia 2017” honors us with a “Cappello”, a chef’s hat. Therefore we are among the 14 best restaurants with a “Cappello” in South Tyrol.

The daily paper Alto Adige on October 21st 2016 wrote the following article about us:
Another proven restaurant enters the world of the “cappelli” of the “Guida Espresso 2017” and finally receives the promotion of being amongst the best tables of South Tyrol. We’re talking about the restaurant Hidalgo of Postal, which gets its first “cappello” maybe also thanks to the rigorous choice of valorizing its tradition of preparing valuable meat with the creation of a real “temple” dedicated to the precious Wagyū beef from Japan.

With “temple of meat” of course is meant our Hidalgo Beef Tasting, which enlarges our repertoire with one more experience. Tastings which compare different types of pure meat on just one plate. Here you indulge in the culinary delight of tasting the best, most delicate and most expensive beef of the world together with other types of beef.

Here you get to the Italian online version of the article of the daily paper Alto Adige. Click. The print version of the article can be downloaded right at the bottom.

At the bottom on the left side you find an overall view of all the South Tyrolean restaurants which were honored with a “cappello” for 2017.
And on the right side you find our valuation. The translation can be found under the image. Please click the respective picture in order to extend it.

The ambiance is elegant, luminous and comfortable; the welcome was friendly. The kitchen cheers up one’s throat with Mediterranean tastes, combining vegetables with fish, like in the tepid salad with octopus, cuttlefish and marinated asparagus, or rewarding the territory with the “caponata” (a Sicilian meal with aubergines) with vegetables or tagliolini with stinging nettle. But this is especially a big temple of meat, masterly cooked on the grill. From Argentinian Black Angus to Ocean Beef from New Zealand, from South Tyrolean T-Bone to the super popular Japanese Wagyū and Kobe fillets, it is a virtuous alternating of clear tastes, superb without oils, fat or smoke. The wine cellar counts 600 references and 18.000 bottles with many excellences. Furthermore, there’s absolutely nothing that could be criticized regarding the service. Tasting menu 50€, à la carte around 60 €.

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